Thank you for reading my true story about a

deeply intimate

Intuitive Human experience!

I will HELP YOU understand and excavate your own powerful L.I.S.T.E.N. experience.  Through a unique and intuitive process backed by over two decades of dedicated energy medicine & holistic awareness study to unveil and capture your exclusive intuitive event… it can be audio, written, and/or video, to your preference.

Let’s work together to listen deeper.

If you haven’t read it yet and you’re here, then you must simply click the book image over there to your left and get your copy today!

If you have a L.I.S.T.E.N. event occur in your life, we’d love to help you excavate it, capture it on film with our crew, with the possibility of including it in our Intuitive Human documentary and/or docu-series!

You are a part of a minority who have highly impactful, view-shifting intuitive experiences that we are data-mining their direct experiences to bring to the leading edges of scientific discovery of how intuition is really working for humans. You will be contributing to the ongoing knowledgebase and research we are conducting with humans all over this planet!

The interview process includes the high-level process listed below…

(1h) Session 1:  PreScreen & Intro & Story mining

In-person or zoom introductions for understanding each other and the beginning of you sharing your L.I.S.T.E.N. experience.  Inquiry, discovery, and start story mining for waking up the experience in your body so that it informs you more before our next session.

(1h) Session 2:  Overview & QA & Story mining

Discover more about the L.I.S.T.E.N. event, what did you learn since our last session, guidance through final story mining activities, intro to film day events & expectations, and answering final Q&A.

(1h) Session 3:  Filming/Recording Day

Actual behind the camera interview that is recorded with a professional film crew, lights, audio, etc.  We book these filming events in 20 person groups over a week, so the date of the filming is TBD and will be shared as the dates are booked out.  There are no set booking dates at this time.

8h Post-Production

After we film on recording day, we go into post-production work behind the scenes for your interview process.  Once the story is finally produced and edited, then we will let you know and it will be posted out on youtube for your access, as you wish.

Duration: 3 Hours