Helping you TRUST what you don’t yet understand.
Learn how to harness the power of intuition as your most informative natural and biological signal.

Archaeology of Intuition

Excavate. Normalize. Revolutionize.


Intuitive Human is a cultural arts focused Global Psychical Education & Research firm excavating and interpreting intuitive experiences for humanity across 18 different tracks of intuition. We empower all humans equipping highly sensitive and empathic people with awareness building techniques and education that helps them identify how intuition is being revealed in their bodies.

Every single day humans have radical intuitive experiences, beyond reason and logic. These profound life-altering events leave one feeling isolated and alone, naked and bare, in a deeply sacred way because of the belief shattering nature that accompanies such moments.The work we are committed to elevates unique direct learning and helps all walks of life fully integrate what just happened. Our message reinforces and encourages humanity to live their life more intuitively and closer to the bone.

Attuning to intuition is like tuning the human instrument to play the best song of your life.  Come play with us!



1:1 Intuition Profiling

Instant access and identification of your most powerful and already open intuitive track you are working with, have natural access to, effortlessly. 

Intuition Excavation

If you’ve had a highly impactful, view shifting intuitive experience that was indescribable, sacred, transcendent, and you don’t even have words for…let’s work together to excavate and understand it! 

Documentary Interview (Film)

If you have a L.I.S.T.E.N. event occur in your life, we’d love to help you excavate it, capture it on film with our crew, with the possibility of including it in our Intuitive Human documentary and/or docu-series!

Energy Awareness Academy

We have a unique curriculum simplifying  18 tracks of intuition including: sensing energy, energy psychology, attunement to Self and other, all the way thru integration and how the body is signaling intuition when it is happening.

Keynote Speaker

Leave your audience feeling inspired, connected, vulnerable and wondering where they too can be shattered in their belief systems and built anew.

Science & Research

Through empirical & phenomenological discovery we are committed to analyzing this exclusive body of research.

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What They Have To Say

Are you ready to normalize intuitive experiences for humanity?

Read more about the Founder of Intuitive Human personal journey and what it has meant for her to become an Intuitive Human & Mentor.

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