Current Class Offerings:

Our coursework of experiential study is always growing and includes:

  • Energy is Real:  How to sense {human} energy
  • Character Styles:  Chakra System & Energy Psychology
  • 18 Intuitive Tracks:  6 Clairs, 6 Empaths, 6 Niche tracks
  • Authentic Relating: Attuenement, Healing, and Integration

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  • Purpose/Goal
  • Modules
  • Objectives


Studios around Jacksonville, Florida & the Beaches area

TBD- Currently securing options for hosting our workshops locally to the Jax area.

Pricing & Attendance:

Adults 18 and older can choose to attend classes on a:

  1. Per Class basis (slammin’ deal; pay at door or as you go)
  2. Per Series – Advance Purchase required (see bottom; better deal)
  3. Full Package – Advance Purchase required (see bottom; best deal)

The price is fixed on a per class basis (ie no advance purchase) for $55.00 USD at the door.  Please read below for more information on course objectives.

Be Curious. Listen Deeper.

Listen to the whispers that matter.